Your healing lifts up the ocean of existence.

When you heal we all heal.

- Yung Pueblo



While I do work with needles in sessions, acupuncture is an entire system of medicine and includes many modalities. Some of those include cupping (thanks Olymics for the visibility), gua-sha, tui-na medical massage, moxabustion, essential oils and more! The Holistic Approach!


I've been practicing now for over 10 years in Manhattan (wow time flies!), and Jersey City for 7. I've loved every minute of creating spaces where you can feel safe and deeply supported. And luckily I've had office mates who bring even more amazing energy. Expanded Energy!


I customize each session to not just the individual, but on how they show up on any given day. This kind of work is best when relationships are formed and you chose it as part of your self-care system. I work with acute and chronic healing, and always preventatively. Everyday wellness!


This review is long overdue. I've been seeing Beth for over a year consistently and she has helped me out so much with back pain. Not only is she a genius with trigger-points, she is warm, compassionate and funny and does not let you leave if you feel like you still have some kinks to work out. Her space so comfortable and inviting and I love that she incorporates essential oils and relaxing music. It's just an all around wonderful vibe in addition to an excellent treatment. Highly recommended.

-Liz T., Photographer and editor


Beth and her healing skills are a gift. I have been an athlete almost my entire life, so I have additional wear and tear, stiffness and pain. Beth is always able to identify the issues and work to resolve them. Her space is inviting, open and filled with positive energy. She communicates with her clients before, during and after every session, keeping them informed throughout the entire process. She truly wants to have a positive impact on every client's quality of life.

-Alana B., Professional Athlete


Beth made me a believer in acupuncture. I firmly believe that she helped me get pregnant, and now she's helping me deal with the normal aches and pains of being pregnant. She really targets the areas where I say I need some help, and she explains everything to me as she goes. I highly recommend her.

-megan c., mama extraordinaire


Beth was recommended to me by one of my triathlete team mates. When I first started seeing Beth , I was coming out of a serious injury and with her help I was able to stay healthy during a very rigorous 6 month long training season. Every session I bring her a broken body but she figures a way to fix me up. She is a magician in my book.

SALAH T., tri-athlete

Hi, I'm Beth! And I love what I do.

​I have over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of Athletes from social sports league players, dancers, fitness instructors to ironman competitors and more. I also works with an array of patients who are experiencing acute or chronic pain to not only alleviate the issue but address the underlying cause.

​While working on the physical level I'm also working to transform the energy on the emotional and spiritual planes. I believe that heart centered care is the key to successful shifts for all people. By creating a safe space and environment to truly relax within, be heard and cared for, true transformation can be achieved.​​

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